My Recipe for Gadget Cycling

So I’m a gadget geek and part of that sadly for me is spending a lot of time indoors. Once upon a time though, I used to be a big outdoorsman. I’m slowly getting back in to shape by integrating two of my loves together.

Part 1 of this was buying a cool bicycle. For me this was a Novara Gotham (2012). What qualifies it as gadgety?

  1. Hub powered headlight
  2. Disc brakes
  3. Belt drive (instead of a messy chain)
  4. NuVinci n360 drivetrain (continuous shifting with no gears)

So that’s settled. But how do I ride around this new neighborhood of mine that’s full of one way streets and heavy traffic? I tried to find a GPS unit geared towards cycling and failed. The best I’ve found is Google Maps or my standard GPS app for driving: Navigon. Both offer great bicycling turn-by-turn directions. It’s important to use cycling directions and not driving so it takes in to account bike lanes and bad traffic conditions.

Using my iPhone poses three problems though: mounting, durability, and power. I finally solved durability and power by finding the ibattz Refuel Aqua. It’s a water proof case (up to 10 feet) with a built-in 2200mAh battery. There’s plenty of things keeping me from using that case daily but for a ride it’s great.

Mounting that sucker to my handlebars is harder than you might think because it’s so big. I finally settled on a mount from Arkon. After one ride it felt pretty secure. However I do have the phone connected to my handlebars directly as well. I’m using the large and small size S-Biner from this 3 pack. The ibattz case has a little lanyard loop that fits the small S-Biner size. Then I clip the larger biner between that guy and someplace on the bike. Right now it’s secured to one of my cables on my handlebars. I might  tie or strap the small binder directly to the handlebars at a later date.

Topping it all off is a bluetooth earpiece. This way I can hear directions and data from MapMyRide without completely blocking out the world around me. I’m using a Jawbone Icon HD. It looks ok and has a variety of ear pieces to secure it to my head nicely.

GitC: Museum of the Moving Image

Are you a movie geek?  I AM! The Museum of the Moving Image (website) is a fantastic place located in Astoria (google map) near the Steinway Street M and R stop.  They have a permanent Core Exhibition called “Behind the Screen” with amazing examples of cameras and other film making equipment from over the years.  The artifacts also include costumes, props, and licensed merchandise.  They also have a couple ongoing rotating exhibitions and will soon have a permanent home for The Jim Henson exhibition.

Unrelated to movies but definitely to moving images is their interest in video games.  They host Indicade as well as other video game exhibitions.  It’s also a fun place to catch a screening!

Modern Pinball NYC

GitC: Modern Pinball NYC

Wow.  Modern Pinball NYC (website) is a magical place!  It’s slightly inconveniently located at 362 3rd Ave, New York, 10016 (google maps) not too close to the 6 train.  It makes up for it though by having over 30 well maintained pinball machines on free pay for a nominal cover charge ($7/$10/$20 for 30/60/allday minutes).

It’s been written about, talked about on TV, and raved about by people.  I recently went with a group of friends and it was a great time.  You can go in and out of the place all day if you spring for the $20 (or even less if you find a group discount online) with a 10% discount at the restaurant next door (maybe it was a bar?  I was too distracted by the amazing pinball).

Go forth and have fun!

And oh yeah, their main business is as a pinball showroom for sales.  So maybe you’ll find something you want to take home with you!

Grasshopper's Comics

GitC: Grasshopper’s Comics

A few months ago, I made a trip out to Grasshopper’s Comics (website) located at 76 Hillside Ave, Williston Park, NY 11596 (google maps).  It’s a nice enough comic book store if you want popular and trendy new books.  They have a nice selection of trades available.  Their gaming stock is made up of Warhammer style inventory and I think I remember some nice board games too.  They also have an area in the back of the store for organized play of minis and war games.


This is the first post in what I hope will be an ongoing listing of “geeky” type things to do in the NYC area.

Hearthstone News from Blizzcon 2013

mindcontrolMind Control Cost 8 to 10.






starving buzzard
Starving Buzzard Health 2 to 1.

Hunter strong at copper, silver, gold

Unleash the hounds is changing, they don’t know how yet.



Ranked play being revised to match the fun of Arena.  25 new ranks each featuring a minion (Angry Chicken rank 25, Leper Gnome 24). You can rank up and down by winning and losing games.  Each month you get reset down to Angry Chicken.  Once you go beyond Rank 1, you reach Legend rank.  You won’t lose Legend status until the ends of seasons.  You’ll unlock things like alternate card backs and golden heroes for participating in ranked play.

bestranked There’s no “best” ranked class and they used as an example 3 consecutive days worth of rankings: featuring different top ranked classes each day.

Android and iPad clients would be coming in 2014 and they announced iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 Touch versions.

PC and Mac open beta coming next month (December).


Official summary of the Hearthstone fireside chat from Blizzcon:

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